Big Finish for Free – Living Legend

A light farce is the perfect palate-cleanser after the sprawling epic of Zagreus, the villainous trilogy of Omega/Davros/Master, and the grim artistry of Creatures of Beauty, Project: Lazarus and Flip-Flop.  Just don’t expect much of substance in 20 minutes.

I can’t really add much to the audio’s description:

“The world faces imminent destruction when Italy win the World Cup! Can the fabled Time Lady Charleyostiantayshius save humanity from the dreaded Threllip Empire, or will her idiot assistant, the Doctor, ruin everything?”

It’s… precisely what it says on the can. This is simple, innocent Doctor Who that Big Finish seldom indulges in. India Fisher and Paul McGann ham it up beautifully as haughty Time Lady and hyper fanboy. I think only one of them was acting. (Conrad Westmaas is Thon, by the way; he’ll soon join Charley and Eight as C’rzz.)

It’s a bite-sized romp that would be great for a morning commute. It’s not erudite drama, and like all the freebies that were originally inserts into Doctor Who Magazine, it’s not really representative of the depth, complexity and power of full Big Finish productions. But it’s cute.

You’ll need to “purchase” it for 0 cents, which means setting up an account on the Big Finish website, but the download will be added to your account for free.

Incidentally, there’s another assortment of free Big Finishes on Soundcloud. See my caveat above about the freebies.