Big Finish Custom Cover Art

Big Finish subscriber Short Trips, half hour audios that come with a Main Range subscription, have generic cover art that’s not quite square and doesn’t match the style of most BFAs. So I’ve photoshopped my own using the old Short Trips banner and public domain or NASA backgrounds.

Subscriber Short Trips for a given year should import as different tracks of the same album. If they don’t, you can group them manually in iTunes by using Cmd/Cntrl-I to “Get Info” and applying an identical album name to all the tracks you want grouped, then clicking the “compilation by different artists” ticky box.

Get Info is also where you can upload custom artwork. Feel free to use mine; just please don’t upload them elsewhere.

Custom Cover Art: subscriber bonuses 2009 Big Finish Subscriber Bonuses 2010 Big Finish Subscriber Short Trips 2011

Custom cover Big Finish Subscriber Short Trips 2012 Big Finish Subscriber Short Trips 2013

Big Finish Subscriber Bonuses 2014 Big Finish Subscriber Short Trips 2015 Subscriber Short Trips Big Finish

Custom cover art: short trips 2017 short trips 2018 custom cover

Big Finish Short Trips: A Home from Home Big Finish Short Trips: Sphinx Lightning Gardens of the Dead: Custom Cover

Alternate Primeval Cover Art Primeval Custom Cover

(own photomanip) Custom Cover Art - Fires of Vulcan

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