Bernice Summerfield: Silver Lining (Soundcloud Freebie)

This is a simple half-hour Benny audio available for free on Soundcloud. It was originally released on a Doctor Who Magazine CD insert along with UNIT: The Coup.

It’s not a full drama, just a quickie two-hander between Benny (Lisa Bowerman) and a few random guest characters voiced by Nicholas Briggs, but it’s good for a quick commute or the gym. Lisa snarking under her breath is funny even in a lightweight audio, especially when she’s directing it at her boss. Nick, in turn, pokes a little gentle fun at fandom.

Archaeology, explosions, and Benny getting into and out of yet another horrible scrape. Typical Benny.

Spoilerific Comments

You’d think this audio wouldn’t be long enough for a comment, but I’d just like to wipe the egg off my face after being annoyed that an alien complex would have such a simple, human puzzle to open the door. Oh. Of course.

(I see from TARDIS Wikia that it’s based on a puzzle in Tomb of the Cybermen that I’ve completely forgotten, whoops.)