Short Trips – Helmstone (Subscriber Bonus)

Steven Taylor’s due for another bit of heartache, poor lad. This time, he and the First Doctor have gotten stranded inside an unusual generation ship. The TARDIS is ailing. But at least the locals are friendly. Steven takes a shine to one of them, Korra.

Steven feels an ominous sense of foreboding when Korra is chosen to participate in a special ritual. The Doctor, preoccupied with his research, advises him not to interfere, but that goes about as well as you’d expect. His decency, heroism and hotheadedness are on full display. As so often, the Doctor’s wisdom is what’s needed.

This is a quiet little story, more predictable and straightforward than most of the Subscriber Bonuses of the past year or so. Not that there’s anything wrong with a standard, albeit bite-sized classic Who plot. As usual, Stephen Critchlow narrates and provides all the voices. His First Doctor imitation is excellent, his Steven a little less so but still quite passable.

Helmstone is included as a freebie with a Main Range subscription that includes #229 (The Silurian Candidate) and /or #230 (Time in Office).

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