Site Note – What I’ll Be Reviewing in 2017

As you may have noticed, I left my early Big Finish listening queue on hold at Season 2 Gallifrey (mid-2005). Originally, I set up this site to review all of Big Finish Who in release order starting at the beginning (1999). Since I hate spoilers, that means I’ve been missing out on some current releases and falling ever further behind.

So I’ve decided to catch up on modern Big Finish and then go back to my early-BF Listen-o-Thon where I left off. I’ve arbitrarily chosen my “modern BF” starting point at about the time of Six’s Last Adventure, which I’ve already reviewed. A lot of what’s happening in the different series now began about then: the arrival of Mrs Clarke, Mel and Ace teaming up, Doom Coalition, and new UNIT. Also, the Main Range had a soft reboot at #201. So August/September 2015 seems like a good jumping-off point.

You may have noticed my gobbling up most of the recent Short Trips first, because they’re quick. I’ve also loaded my gadget of choice with all the Main Range, Early Adventures, Short Trips, FDAs, EAs, Doom Coalition and new UNIT, so I’ll be chewing through those next. I may go back and catch up on Gallifrey as well, since I’m tired of not being able to listen to new seasons to avoid spoilers.

At this rate, it’s going to take me the rest of the year to finish off 2015-2016 Big Finish, after which I can alternate reviews of each month’s new releases with my backlog of old ones, wherever my “Listen-o-thon” queue left off. It’ll be like 80s Who on American PBS, when we alternated between broadcasts of the latest Who episodes and batches of reruns. But for now, I’ll be alternating between 2017 releases as they come out, and 2015-2016 releases, making a special push to catch up on series that are due to have new installments out soon.

See my Audio Index for the ones I’ve reviewed (blue links) and the gaps where I’m playing catch-up.